2017 Porsche 718 Cayman S: Better Than Ever, But What’s That Sound?

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Can a latest 718 iteration of the Porsche Cayman S hold its ground against a most ...

Can a latest 718 iteration of the Porsche Cayman S hold its ground against a most hardcore Cayman, the mighty GT4?

Progress is the b*tch they say, especially if you are one of those people stuck in a good old days.

On one hand, soundtrack is one of a most important aspects of the sports car experience and the -now turbo four- 718 Cayman S has failed to offer the good enough aural track to accompany the thrills behind its wheel.

But that is where the complaints should stop. Because since a birth of the Cayman, people complained that the Porsche was holding down their beloved mid-engined model and in fear it would cannibalize sales from its bigger sibling, the 911.

Then the GT4 arrived, complete with the 911 engine and the front suspension directly from the GT3, forcing people to sell their kids in order to reserve one example.

It is really that good and one of those cases where a hype was completely justified but now there’s the new Cayman out there and whether you like its exhaust, intake tune or not, it still is the beast.

Finally the Cayman with enough low-down torque to allow a spectacular mid-engine chassis to shine brighter than ever, every time it meets the corner.

The question remains though: is it actually faster than a deliciously hardcore Cayman GT4?

The latest Ignition episode is tasked and to provide all the answers to all the 718 Cayman-related questions on a link after the jump.

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