3000hp Corvette Goes Airborne at Wanna GOFAST Texas 1/2 Mile!

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When you are traveling at speeds that close in on the 200 mph mark, the one thing ...

When you are traveling at speeds that close in on the 200 mph mark, the one thing that you want to avoid is catching any sort of air. When you are rolling at such speed and something goes haywire, there’s likely nothing you can do but pray! Moreover, when you consider 3000 horsepower on tap from a 427ci engine, it’s no surprise that traction will be an issue as the drivers tried 200 mph passes at the WannaGOFAST Texas 1/2 Mile.

In the video below, we are not merely talking about lifting the tires a few millimeters off the ground, but rather the entire car getting completely airborne in a heart-thumping scenario that may cause a sudden spike in your blood pressure. Kelly Bise hopped in his Chevrolet and hustled down the airstrip for a high-speed pass, but the C6 Corvette ends up going sideways for more than 300 feet before sliding through the grass where it hits a mound and launched on all fours like a rally car!

Check out the video that captures the run from start to finish and from multiple angles. Fortunately the driver walked away unscathed and while the Corvette certainly incurred some damage, it does not look to be too seriously bent out of shape! The driver should be very thankful that he didn’t go rolling because if his car veered just a couple of degrees in the wrong direction, this high-speed pass could have gotten very ugly!

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