Absolutely Fascinating! Watching Suspension In Motion

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Two things you should never skimp out on maintaining— people absolutely do, ...

Two things you should never skimp out on maintaining— people absolutely do, because they are both pretty expensive at the higher end—are your tires and suspension.

You can have all the hp in the world, but that doesn’t matter if the vehicle can’t keep it together thanks to bum tires or the busted tie rod.

A video posted on YouTube and shared on Reddit today illustrates exactly why that is. Well, user Muffin Racing pointed the camera at the rear driver’s-side tire on his fourth-gen Honda Civic hatchback during the recent autocross run.

He states in a description it was originally his wife’s idea to catch a tire lifting off the ground, which they did, and they also managed to capture the fascinating look at how the tires and suspension respond to the extreme forces involved with the competitive driving event.

He’s reportedly running on the 205/50 R15 Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R tires, Enkei RPF1 7 wide wheels, and the Koni Yellow shocks.

Watching the wheel lift is the hoot, but its the camber changes and the tire flex that really get our attention.

Muffin Racing breaks it down in this video, demonstrating how the wheel locks up when lifted, and then hits the ground again in the puff of smoke—the intense friction actually liquefies the patch of rubber on tire, and the way the temperature differential on a tire evens out depends on the camber of the wheel and a size of the tire’s contact patch on the ground.

And speaking of camber, it is also interesting to watch how both a suspension and tire work together to accommodate a change in camber on sharp turns. Check out the full run below:

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