This Is Why A Burnout Can Never Be Truly Epic If It Ain’t As Crazy As This!

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Do you think the last burnout show you went at featured the most epic ones ...

Do you think the last burnout show you went at featured the most epic ones you’ve seen your whole life? Check this crazy burnout below and think again! It’s an Aussie burnout that’s probably a redefinition of what epic and badass is.

If you’ve never been to Australia, then you sure need to be just so you can update your book about what a crazy burnout looks like. This one featured below is a usual scene in Australia’s Mallanats and what only sets this one apart from the rest is the fact that it is driven by complete rednecks that know when not to stop.

This Holden Ute starts with some truly thick smokes and angry engine sounds from the supercharged 377ci Chevy fitted under the hood. The heavy burnouts intensified into a massive fire that torched the car’s rear. But a huge fire is no reason to stop, panic and get teary eyed about a grilled car. The show went on as if it was nothing and as if the audience were seeing a bonfire drifting in a track. Well, rednecks mind not the minor problems when putting up a show.

Although the Ute ended up with a toasted rear needing some serious repair and repaint, the driver was still very happy and proud and so are the spectators like you and me. Check it out below!

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