You Can BMW M3 E46 Like Right Now

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You can win a freaking BMW M3 E46 online. It is a ...

You can win a freaking BMW M3 E46 online. It is a thing. Parker Nirenstein and Salomondrin made some kind of collaboration and they have offered a great BMW M3 E46 as a prize. Sure, there is a process one has to go through to be considered to win the car. It includes a bit of money to be thrown into, but nothing extreme.

Now, to be considered one has to register on the new Vehicle Virgins website and buy a pro membership. It is not expensive, but it certainly shows what this thing is all about – register on the site (give your credentials and what not), and you may have a chance to win a freaking Bimmer.

And the guys – Salomondrin, Parker, and Farshad are riding together in this beast of a car testing it before they buy it. And they did, in fact, buy it, after a proper checking of the major parts that may go bad on this car.

All in all, they did talk endlessly about the car and even Farshad who is not that much into BMWs said that this one is a gold – he had the most fun ever driving one like this back in the day.

As a refresher, the BMW M3 E46 is a machine powered by a 3.2 liter naturally aspirated straight six developing 343hp. It is one of the best “analog” cars that have been ever envisioned.

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