Can You Skip Gears With A Stick Shift Car?

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In this video, Jason Fenske of YouTube channel Engineering Explained, answers the ...

In this video, Jason Fenske of YouTube channel Engineering Explained, answers the question if it is okay to skip gears with a stick shift car. Basically, manual transmissions have been designed with flexibility in mind. They allow drivers to select any gear at any time, but that does not mean you should do it.

In a stick shift car, you can save some effort by skipping gears on up- and downshifts. However, there’s a proper way of doing it and if you are not careful, you can actually blow up your engine! But don’t be discouraged because it is not that complicated. Jason states that skipping one or two gears on upshifts is quite safe. You just need to let the clutch out more slowly to ensure that the engine and transmission speeds are matched.

Bear in mind that an unmatched upshift will lead to a rough shift. As for downshifts, do not shift down to a gear that will cause the engine to exceed its redline. It can cause the car to judder and require quite an expensive fix. An unmatched downshift can cause synchronizer wear and clutch wear. To play it safe, don’t skip more than two gears at a time. Ultimately, skipping gears, when matching engine RPM correctly, will not cause any damage to the drivetrain and is therefore okay to do.

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