Drifting Mustang Pulls An Amazing Save That Will Make You Go Cheering

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The title may speak of drifting but this is neither a drifting show nor a stunt ...

The title may speak of drifting but this is neither a drifting show nor a stunt display but rather an unintentional drifting act triggered by some crazy drag race event. It’s a white Mustang pulling out a close call so amazing it’ll probably keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you know Outlaw Armageddon and its No Prep drag racing event, then this one is it. But in case you didn’t know, it is a race only guys with both balls and skills would enter. With a track having zero traction compound laid down and featuring some spots that are super slippery, anyone else will sure think twice racing their expensive build, will you?

This video features Chuck Seitsinger, owner & driver of “THE DEATH TRAP” Mustang, pulling out a crazy save as it narrowly misses his opponent when it crossed the other lane before barely missing the wall on the other side. You can’t go cheering without acknowledging Davis Magnum too, Chuck’s opponent and the guy in Nitrous Outlet powered Mustang, for an amazing control that barely gave Chuck enough room to squeeze in during which his ride crossed lanes.

A driving display as awesome as this is better witnessed rather than just read. So check everything out for yourself through the video given below.

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