Farthest Jump At Silver Lake Sand Dunes? Ford Makes A 180-Feet Jump!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Ever recalled the craziest and farthest jump you’ve witnessed in Silver Lake ...

Ever recalled the craziest and farthest jump you’ve witnessed in Silver Lake sand dunes? If it’s a jump not even able to cover 100 or 150 feet, then you’re bound the see a jump probably the farthest ever recorded in Silver Lake. It’s a Ford Raptor accomplishing an incredible feat of jumping and covering a whopping 180 feet.

If you think such far and incredible jump needed some skyrocketing launch, then you sure got it right. Thanks to the powerful takeoff, the Ford achieved a jaw-dropping distance, but it’s an effort which proved to be really expensive.

The 180-feet long jump left the suspension and everything underneath damaged. That’s sure a lot of money wasted, and a badass Ford Raptor trashed in an instant. Good thing the driver was not hurt after the strong impact of the landing. Probably was shaken but was able to walk away safe and sound afterward.

The driver/owner was all smiles despite a totaled ride though. But he could have definitely hit the brakes mid-air to level out the landing and probably avoid a wasted Ford. Well, we can’t complain if the owner was happy about it and money isn’t likely an issue.

Check it out for yourself too through the video below.

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