First Walkaround The New Rolls Royce Phantom Reveals A Lot Of Secrets

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Yes, we have seen the newest Rolls-Royce Phantom in ...

Yes, we have seen the newest Rolls-Royce Phantom in official videos. However, one of the first proper walk around videos around the car has been provided by none other than Shmee150. He gave us a proper glimpse into the world of amazing luxury found in the latest Rolls Royce Phantom. Considering this is the eighth generation of the Phantom, the Rolls Royce did an astonishing job in creating the most opulent cabin one may imagine. And while it retains classic and somewhat retro feel, the whole ethos of the cabin certainly carries a healthy dose of modernity. Look at those massive screens and exceptional wood framing the interior.

Now, the exterior is as amazing. After all, the car makes do with the standard Laser lights sitting by the sides of the massive Rolls-Royce grille. While the whole world of cars nowadays looks kinda generic with all the aerodynamic efficient shapes, the Rolls-Royce comes with something truly different – with a brick on wheels. But what a brick this is. Rolls Royce successfully integrated all the modern touches one may find appealing. The car made a slight transition becoming modern but not ostentatious – although it is a Rolls after all. Now, this is the thing. BMW and Rolls Royce successfully made the New Phantom look adventurous and aristocratic giving it a dash of modernity but keeping the classic retro lines intact. We love it. And then there is the engine – new twin turbocharged V12. No more N/A units. Speed? A Lot! But comfort? Even more! IT is the most silent car in the world.

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