This Is The Freaking Loudest Ferrari 458 Ever

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So, this is the Prior Design Ferrari 458 and it is ...

So, this is the Prior Design Ferrari 458 and it is freaking awesome. Apart from having some proper power, far more extreme styling compared with the standard car and cool name, this particular car enjoys some really insane exhaust system. Listen to it.

This car has a Prior Design’s PD458 aero kit.

The kit consists of a new front bumper, spoiler lip, rear bumper, side skirts, diffuser, a custom bonnet, plus the vent inserts and rear trunk spoiler, which is painted red on this particular 458.

Stainless steel exhaust system in it makes the case for some awesome aural experience. We may very well be on track if we say that this thing is possibly the best sounding and the loudest 458 on earth. And that is just epic. As Far as power goes, Prior Design makes a case with 30hp more and 29 lb-ft of torque more. This improves the power output to a tad more than 600 hp. That is more than enough for tackling some of the best out there. And 600hp certainly is enough to justify such an awesome and epic exhaust system.

You are looking here at FXX-K or 599XX levels or exhaust insanity.

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