Gold Plated Milion Dollar Drag Car With 6 Second Pass

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It is not every day that we can see a 24-gold ...

It is not every day that we can see a 24-gold plated car appearing at the drag strip. It is a BMW E46 tuned and modded for the ultimate time attack at the drag strip. And it does look quite awesome. Actually, it looks more like a machine being prepared for some kind of a fashion show. True, the gold is not exactly on the exterior, but it is on some parts of the suspension, engine and in the interior.

The plate at the back even says – “million dollar drag car”.

Like really, who would do this?

Aussies! Of course. And this car is fast. Seriously fast – like 6 second fast.

1320Video had this to say about the contraption:
“While the car only has about a $120k (Australian) invested in gold, the build wasn’t exactly cheap either! Queen Street Customs LOVES to stand out and they did not miss the bar with this GORGEOUS E46 BMW powered by a PAC Performance 20B ROTARY engine. As if swapping a rotary engine into a European chassis wasn’t enough to get noticed, at least half the engine bay was plated with real GOLD! While still in the process of transitioning from show car to race spec, there is still a learning curve for the car and unfortunately there hasn’t been a full pass made. However, once they get the new transmission, this may very well be the flashiest car running 6’s in all of Australia!”

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