This Guy Is Crazy!!! Mercedes Brabus 6X6 Driving On A Man!

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When you are not preoccupied with Jon Snow hooking up with the Daenerys anda fact ...

When you are not preoccupied with Jon Snow hooking up with the Daenerys anda fact that they might, in fact, be related, a mind naturally wanders to life’s big questions.

Is this milk still good? Will a cat eat my eyes if I die? And can the G500 4×4 Squared drive over the man without touching him?

Curiosity naturally stems from movies that show some people escaping captivity by sliding under the moving vehicle. Some of them get crushed, but we have seen illegal immigrants surviving inside the wheel wells of buses, and it can’t be all bad.

Unluckily for them, the G500 4×4 doesn’t make the good mule. It is too conspicuous, the authorities can look underneath without mirrors or scanners.

It is even worse with the Brabus-tuned version, and which is about as ostentatious as the stripper’s heels – just look at that crowd gathered in front of the Hotel Carlton!

This is not what you would call the stunt. This guy in the G-Class and the idiot on a ground have never met. In fact, the driver has the few marbles missing too, because you wouldn’t drive over somebody just because he told you to.

Luckily, it goes without the hitch. This guy doesn’t even bang his head on the diff cases, and even though he’s more preoccupied with looking at his GoPro.

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