This Guy Made The Fastest Pass Of His Life And His Reaction Is Really Insane! It Felt So Good!

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In this 20 minute long video of YouTuber Cleetus McFarland, we will witness a ...

In this 20 minute long video of YouTuber Cleetus McFarland, we will witness a great success. The video started by showing how much preparation Cleetus did before sending his car on the dragway. He can be seen upgrading the wheels and more but just like any drag race, everything will be tested on the actual race. McFarland made several attempt trying to surpass the records he previously made with his car. The first pass started pretty rough and reached 136 mph @ 10.25 second. The second attempt was even more unsatisfying as it went down to 10.46 second @ 135mph. ┬áBut than, like what they usually say, you just keep on trying until you succeed and that’s exactly what McFarland did. He didn’t lose hope and made another attempt. This time, he finished 136mph @ 10.19 (faster than his previous record). However, on his last attempt, he surprisingly beat his record by reaching the 136 mph in @9.98 seconds and you can really tell through his overwhelming reaction that he was extremely happy with what he achieved! It may not be the most impressive record but hey, this is such a milestone for him right?

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