Jay Leno Welcomes The “Holy Grail Of Sports Cars,” The Ferrari Enzo

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For some it is the last great Ferrari hypercar. It is not that the Ferrari Enzo’s ...

For some it is the last great Ferrari hypercar. It is not that the Ferrari Enzo’s successor, the LaFerrari, is the dud, but that things have changed in the relatively short period of time.

While the Enzo is more analog in nature, and the LaFerrari is the high-tech wonder, complete with the hybrid power boost setup. The Enzo, meanwhile, gets its 650 horsepower from its 6.0-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine.

That is it. And perhaps that is why it will forever have the special place in our gearhead hearts. It certainly does for Jay Leno who, amazingly, doesn’t own the single Ferrari.

He’s the Lamborghini guy, and still very much respects Ferrari. This is quite clear when the Ferrari enthusiast and serial collector/owner David Lee pops by the Leno’s garage with his Ferrari Enzo in tow.

The usual car-focused discussion and the test drive follow. You have probably heard the name David Lee before because he is a guy who was quite angry when Ferrari refused to sell him the LaFerrari Aperta not long ago.

To clarify: Ferrari wouldn’t sell the LaFerrari Aperta to a guy with the $50 million Ferrari collection. That is just nuts, but David Lee certainly has fantastic taste, as evidenced by the immaculate condition he keeps his Ferrari Enzo in despite driving it around town on the fairly regular basis.

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