Jesse VS Johnny Tran Rematch! – Fast And Furious Paul Walker Meet

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As most of us know, there is the annual event held in order to commemorate Paul ...

As most of us know, there is the annual event held in order to commemorate Paul Walker in Quebec, this year one of a many special guests was none other than Johnny Tran himself.

The whole event is called Paul Walker Memorial Meet, thousands of people come each year and have fun chatting, racing against each other.

Besides Johnny Tran another special guest hopped in for some fun, we all know him by the name of Jesse. Chad Lindberg is his name, he plays the character of the tuning genius in the legendary franchise Fast and Furious.

Both of them decided to have some fun and race just once again in order to entertain a public. Johnny got inside his Honda S2000 and Jesse in his Jetta.

This is where a fun began. The people in the crowd seem to have their favors towards Chad. Though this was the sort of novelty race, we cannot see who the winner actually was, and we cannot forget a legendary race within the movie itself.

The one where Jesse pulled his nitro way too son, lost his pink slip race against Johnny Tran. This is where one of a most recognizable quotes appeared from Too soon, Junior.

Many of the spectators had fun, at the end both of them had the speech to commemorate their beloved friend.

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