Learn All About The Future of The Roads! SOLAR ROADWAYS!!!

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The future is about coming up with strategic ways to protect our earth. Through ...

The future is about coming up with strategic ways to protect our earth. Through science and technology we have begun coming up with resourceful and clever ways to keep our air clean. New and impressive ways to conserve energy and stay green are coming to the forefront of the industry. One advancement that really has people talking is the idea of solar panel roadways!

With this new technology solar panels would replace the roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, and pretty much any hard surface on the ground! The solar panels have already begun testing and it is known that they can handle EXTREME weight and are easily replaced if damaged! Obviously it is still an idea that is in the process of becoming a reality, but if these solar panel roadways are implemented it can mean a whole new world!

To learn more about this incredible advancement click the video below!

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