Lexi The Sexy Hayabusa Rider Is One Fast Chick…Allergic To Slow!!!

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Earlier this month, we featured a video showing sexy Lexi on a Hayabusa trolling a ...

Earlier this month, we featured a video showing sexy Lexi on a Hayabusa trolling a Dodge Hellcat. She actually passed the Charger at over 120 mph, just as the muscle car was testing its K&N air filer. Considering the manner by which the ‘Busa’ walked the 700+ horsepower Mopar machine, it was quite obvious that the motorcycle had been modded.

Lexi was initially hesitant to disclose what was done to the ‘Busa’, but as you’ll see in the clip below, it’s not really that heavily modified. It just goes to show how well the folks at Suzuki did when they designed and built the Hayabusa, creating a monster bike that’s capable of outrunning virtually anything in stock form.

The guys inside the Hellcat have returned with a new footage, including some tidbits about the Suzuki’s tech massage. The engine is stock, but it has been given full bolt-ons, with an ACE Performance race tune monitoring everything it does. A quick shifter has been added and the gearing was tweaked.  As for the aero mods, the Hayabusa was lowered and an LSR front fender is also on the menu.

We don’t have horsepower figures or details about drag strip performance, but it’s clear that the bike hauls butt and would probably be in the 9’s if Lexi tries to hit the quarter mile. She is definitely an experienced rider and for those who’ve become addicted to watching her putting the Hayabusa through its paces, this video should get the job done!

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