London Seems Like A Right Old Mess Now With All The (Attempted) Bike-Jackings

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

With attempted motorcycle thefts in the full daylight becoming more frequent, and ...

With attempted motorcycle thefts in the full daylight becoming more frequent, and it is good to see somebody anticipate the possible incident and take off before anything could go down.

Last year, we read about the biker gang blocking the rider in traffic and demanding his keys after chasing him through London, and the couple of months back, the similar incident occurred where four men managed to steal the motorcycle in the middle of the day, also in London.

The incident here took place near the center on London, and saw the conspicuous rider approach an intersection on the scooter, circle around and stop right next to someone on the motorcycle.

We don’t know for the fact this was the attempted bike-jacking, and this rider who filmed it was certain about what was happening, and saying: I am adamant this was the start of the Bikejacking.

Thankfully this rider in front of me also suspected this. Bikejacking is on a rise and we all should be more vigilant.”

All we know is that after this scooter rider reached the lights, and he circled around slowly before making his way towards a motorcycle in front, who started inching forward.

The two then apparently made eye contact, the bike rider took off while the light was still red.

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