Lone Rhino Rampages Towards Cars Down Indian Highway

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The video below shows an angry rhino chase cars on the local road while all the ...

The video below shows an angry rhino chase cars on the local road while all the driver are trying to avoid this animal. They are changing directions, and coming from where they came from in order to avoid this Rhino to hit their vehicle.

However, the rhino attacks are very rare event, and the Rhinos could be aggressive in the some situations and they prefer to protect their territory. Anyway, how this angry animal came to this area full of vehicles on the road, we have no idea.

The most common reason for their aggressiveness, attacks is their mechanism of defense for their calf, especially for the females.

The most of the damage from this Rhino attacks is from their brute force and weight. A male Rhino can weight up to 3 tons, their horn is the most dangerous weapon.

According some analysis and many videos on the internet and we can say the Rhino’s aim is not to hurt people inside the vehicles. They rather want only to chase them away, they best thing to do is to leave their area immediately.

They are even sending the warning as the loud snort, so you need to get from their way with your vehicle as soon as possible. They can each the maximum speed of 56 km/h and it can deftly and quickly change direction.

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