McLaren 720S Vs Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 1/2 Mile Drag And Roll Races

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Going into the drag race against the latest McLaren must feel the little bit like ...

Going into the drag race against the latest McLaren must feel the little bit like entering the arm wrestling competition with Gregor the Mountain. Regardless, this Lambo Huracan owner agrees to it.

It is not like the Huracan is the slow car. It has been known to ruffle the few feathers, including those of its older brother the Lamborghini Aventador… if the conditions are right.

But just look at the specs! While this Italian supercar pack the naturally aspirated V10 with 610 horsepower, the 720S has upgraded to the new 4-liter twin-turbo V8 that makes, you guessed it, 720 horsepower.

The Huracan’s launch is the beautiful thing. The V10 revs out and waits for a clutch to dump all its available torque to the four moving wheels.

The McLaren 720S only has rear-wheel drive, and it can’t put down as much power off a line. But after the turbos spool up, it is the case of see you later alligator.

We want to point out that what the guys at Drag Times are doing here is… not very legal. This is the public road, and you can see traffic catching up to them. And if we have the latest McLaren supercar and the worthy Lamborghini challenge, you would probably see us doing the same thing.

Once they have their fill of drag races, they do the rolling start. This time, the power of the 720S becomes even more apparent, as within the couple of seconds you can barely see the red Huracan.

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