This Is Why You Need No Shovel During Snow When You Have A Subaru

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Anyone who has left their car in a parking lot and came back days after only to ...

Anyone who has left their car in a parking lot and came back days after only to see just a huge igloo with no cars in sight knows the feeling of how hassle life can be during winter. And it’s during these times that you probably need a shovel more than anything else.

But what if you forgot nothing but the shovel? You’ll likely end up using your hands or just wait for the next season to melt all the snow pile. Well, luckily if you have a Subaru, everything will be a different story and this video will show you why.

It’s a ’96 Subaru Impreza Wagon trying to get out of a non-plowed parking lot where it was covered in a 30-inch snow pile. The Subie was buried on all sides and manages to clear out the snow around its front and rear utilizing only its AWD prowess. It wasn’t lifted at all and the fact that it was a 350K-mile car makes it even more impressive. So do you think your non-lifted ride can even compete with that?

If you’re curious how everything went down then check it out for yourself through the video shared below.

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