New Jaguar E-Pace Sets Guinness World Record For Farthest Barrel Roll

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There are grand car launches, and then there are car launches with a ...

There are grand car launches, and then there are car launches with a record-breaking barrel roll. Jaguar’s 2018 E-Pace crossover sports utility vehicle was the latter of the two. The compact SUV really looks great and the British multinational automaker wanted to do something spectacular to grab the public’s attention when the vehicle was unveiled, so they opted to literally launch it!

During an international launch event in London, legendary stunt driver Terry Grant shot the E-Pace through a barrel roll for a 15.3 meter-long leap. It was the farthest ever executed in a production vehicle. He took the SUV for a 270-degree corkscrew-like spin, then hurtled off a dirt hump, and made a safe landing. Grant reportedly experienced a stomach-churning 5.5 Gs over the course of the flip. He nailed the barrel roll flawlessly like he had done it a hundred times. He is now the proud holder of 21 Guinness World Record titles.

Multiple camera angles were used so we get to see the amazing stunt play out from different perspectives, giving us an excellent look at all sides of the all-new crossover. Every aspect of the stunt and the launch of the SUV were well planned and perfectly executed, so perhaps other car manufacturers will take note of this superb marketing ploy when it comes time to unveil a new ride.

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