Prankster Wires His Buddies Car Horn To His Brake Pedal! ULTIMATE GEARHEAD PRANK!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

We all appreciate a nice prank every now and then. The web is full of pranksters ...

We all appreciate a nice prank every now and then. The web is full of pranksters showcasing their skills and taking situations to a whole other level. In this video we check out a hilarious prank that is sure to get all of our followers laughing their asses off! We check out a dash cam video of the prankster following his friend in his pick up.  It soon becomes obvious that the prankster had wired his buddies car and made it so the car horn went off every time he pushed on the brakes!

As you can imagine, the rigged truck makes quite a bit of nose as it drives through traffic. We can only imagine how annoying this must have been not only for the driver, but everyone else around him! The man with the camera can barely contain his laughter and we’re right there with him as his poor buddy has no idea what’s going on. It is a hilarious prank and will offer up a good laugh into your day! To check out this ultimate geatrhead prank click the video below!

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