This Man Converted A Semi-Truck Into A Motorcycle/Trike

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It is every ones wish to have its own dream vehicle. Some enjoy in the old classic ...

It is every ones wish to have its own dream vehicle. Some enjoy in the old classic beasts, and some enjoy the new exotic cars. And what about those unlikely modifications people do to their vehicles?

If you enjoy them, be sure to check out the video below and see how this car enthusiast puts together something extra-ordinary. He runs the trucking business started in 1978, some if the creations are presented in his yard.

The first one is the 1959 school bus which he took from he friend of him, and shortened it by 28 inches. And though he left some of the original parts on this bus, most of it is brand new and modified, as well as the body of the truck hood.

Next is the 1954 cab which has the 1960s model sleeper on it. This odd looking vehicle grabs everyone’s attention hence its size is huge, long and narrow.

It has the 1000 horsepower and the hood 11ft long from a windshield to the grill. What follows next is absolutely amazing, this car enthusiast put together the bike with the truck tire on the back. It has the custom fuel tank and the mirror image turbo on it. Make sure you check it out!

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