Small Hot Hatch With 460hp EMotor Is A Future To Look Forward To

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As far as EV cars go, the Tesla Model S P100D is at ...

As far as EV cars go, the Tesla Model S P100D is at the top of the electric food chain. However, do not think for a second that some other companies cannot build as exciting and as mad electric cars. Take a look at this hot-hatch. It is called the Renault Zoe E-Sport and it is a small – Fiesta sized car with a 460hp electric motor capable of accelerating it to speeds of 130 mph in less than 10 seconds. That is what we call insane.

CarThrottle Alex Karsten had a chance to drive it and to enjoy with it in France, on the track. And these are his thoughts on the contraption.

This is the only Zoe E-Sport Concept in the world. It is a perfect fun car. And it has some large car stuff on it. After all, the car has 20-inch wheels, massive batteries, a whole lot of power and a whole lot of carbon fiber in its construction.

So, the Zoe E-Sport Concept may just be “Renault having fun” moment, but we like it. It shows the cars of the future may be as interesting (or even more) as the cars of today.

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That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!