Tesla Model X On Summon Drives Through Garage Door After HomeLink Closes It

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Let is be honest, the Summon feature that Tesla vehicles have is one of those ...

Let is be honest, the Summon feature that Tesla vehicles have is one of those gizmos that is pretty much useless for 99 percent of the time, then more than makes up for it on that one occasion and when it saves your Jimmy Choo shoes from having to step into the big puddle.

So it’s the nice feature to have – or rather to know you have. It is also cool for showing off, and which we can only assume accounts for over 90 percent of the cases it is used in. Well, we wouldn’t be surprised if people parked in tight spaces on purpose, just to have the excuse.

Of course, they will say they did out of the kindness of their heart, and the car without Summon capabilities would get to use uncramped parking bays.

However, contrary to what the lot of Tesla fans might think, the EVs aren’t the only cars out there capable of moving on their own over very short distances with no driver on board.

BMW has it, Mercedes-Benz too, and while Land Rover presented the similar feature that allowed users to remotely control the steering as well, and even though that was just on the prototype.

But just because they drive vehicles from other brands, it doesn’t mean their owners use the feature any differently.

We can’t tell if that is the case with this man and his Tesla Model X – for what we know, he could be storing all kinds of crap in that garage and there was no room left for the door to open.

Whatever the case, you can see him sitting there, hands in his pockets, as his Tesla Model X reverses into a garage.

After it parked, this guy told the car to inch forward a bit, and it would leave enough clearance to the back wall. He sat in front of the vehicle to make sure it didn’t move further than it was supposed to.

At a same time, though, the Homelink system started closing the garage door, and this guy figures his job was done and heads toward the house. That is when this Model X resumes moving forward with its sensors failing to pick up the closing door.

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