They’re Living Rooms On The Lake! 300 HP, 50 Mph South Bay 725RS “Tri-Toon

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Despite a fact that boats and the cars have very little in common, speed is speed, ...

Despite a fact that boats and the cars have very little in common, speed is speed, whether you are on land or on water.

Even the sensation of speed is different when you are on the boat, especially if the wind is blowing and the water is the bit choppy like it was for The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah during the review.

The boat in question is actually the pontoon boat, which have flat designs and rely on the pontoons (tubes) for buoyancy. Still, this isn’t any ordinary pontoon boat, and rather the South Bay 725RS.

Apparently, it handles better and is more luxurious that the regular models, and from the looks of it, we can’t help and nod our heads in agreement.

The 725RS is actually the Tri-Toon model, which means that it features the third, central pontoon. It also has enough seating for 13 people.

As for performance figures, how do 300 horsepower and 50 mph sound? According to Matt Farah, pretty good. He even had it as high up as 46 mph during his first run.

This boat will even corner well, staying impressively flat while you turn a wheel hard in either direction, even at speed.

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