Tom Cotter Uncovers A 1952 Pegaso Z102: A $1,000,000 Barn Find!

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Tom Cotter has been hunting down cars since the age of 12 and he’s still ...

Tom Cotter has been hunting down cars since the age of 12 and he’s still doing it today. He has established himself as an authority in barn finds and as such, there are certain occasions when car owners themselves contact Tom to show their special rides.  That’s what actually transpired in this episode of Barn Find Hunter, where Tom had the owner of a 1952 Pegaso Z102 contact him about the ultra-rare car.

Tom travels to California to take a look at the ride which only a handful of folks out there have ever heard of. There are only 85 copies of the 1952 Pegaso Z102 and the one you’ll see in the video is car number 35. It had been stowed away in a garage for 45 years and it’s not in good shape, but it seems that the parts needed to have it up and running again are all in the garage. The specs are definitely unique as it came with a Hemi V8 mated to an all-aluminum drivetrain. The car also features a surprisingly contemporary design, with a crosshair grille similar to some of the cars in the current Dodge lineup.

A small portion of the rear fender reveals the car’s original paint job, a dark reddish brown hue that will absolutely look awesome when the car is restored. With such a rare ride, the value is believed to be in the seven figure range, but it would take a full restoration to reach that point. This episode does not end with the Pegaso, so click on the play button below to see the other cool cars that Tom discovered as he journeyed across California

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