Train Hit and Destroyed Russian SUV With Man Saving Himself Seconds Before

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This is Russia. Bad things happen. Like this. A man ...

This is Russia. Bad things happen. Like this. A man driving an old SUV happened to get stuck on the railway and the inevitable happened. The train comes its way smashing directly into it. Luckily, no one died although the crash seemed quite horrific.

The accident happened on 12 July in Krasnodar region of Russia. So, not long ago.

It seems that the driver of the UAZ SUV tried to make a shortcut over the rail tracks. Of course, something no one should ever do. The car obviously stalled at the worst place possible. Two passengers from the UAZ fled the vehicle on time, but the driver remained inside trying to cope with the situation and save the vehicle. Unfortunately, the train was surging toward him and hit the car. Sure, everything had been captured on the smartphone and uploaded to youtube only days after the crash.

Sure, the driver did all it could to free the UAZ, but it was not possible. However, he did leave the car only seconds before the train hit it with full force. Everyone survived.

The UAZ, on the other hand, has been cut in half.

This is not a Grand Theft Auto. This is real life and what happened in Russia, obviously can happen in the US as well. Or anywhere else in the world for that matter. Watch out and stay clear of the tracks.

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