Video Of The Day: Low-Level Flying Mach-Loop With Some Rare Aircraft!

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Watching videos of other talented people doing impossible stunts is always fun, ...

Watching videos of other talented people doing impossible stunts is always fun, and it seems that nothing can better than this Mach Loop flying adventure while some of a most powerful military jets take part in it.

Though most of you are probably familiar with a Mach Loop, let us say the work or two about it. It is located in North Wales and it is the place used by pilot to train low-level flying on the series of valleys.

It is exactly what makes the compilation so one-of-a-kind i.e. it is nicely put together and it’ll take your breath away. First up it is this F-15 Eagle.

We see the jet approaching in a valley to where dozens of people are waiting for and are filming it. And the white smoke that comes on the back of this jet looks absolutely brilliant.

Then we move on to the even more spectacular sight, three such F-15c are flying one after another in the synchronized motion.

The Mach Loop flying course is probably a most beautiful place to be if you want to come as close as you can to super fast military jets.

Next we take the look at what it looks like when a biggest jet that has flown over a Mack Loop course ever!

It is called the C-17 and though it is not considered as one of a fastest jets out there, it is sure the pleasure to watch it flying across the valley. So, what do you think, which performance was the best one?

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