Watch Carlos Sainz Race An Offroad Kart Against Carlos Sainz

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That statement holds even more truth to it when the two in the question are ...

That statement holds even more truth to it when the two in the question are Spanish rally legend Carols Sainz and his son, Formula One driver Carlos Sainz Jr.

While a former has been drifting all his life – he has the stable home, so we are talking literally here – the 23-year-old son has been taught not to do it.

Starting off with the karting, Sainz Junior was told the quickest way around the track is to maintain traction at all times, and going sideways was out of the question.

The only time we see the Formula One car drift is when it is hopelessly heading toward the gravel trap, the tire stacks or a protective barrier.

If the F1 single-seater loses grip, it usually ends with the crash. But they don’t say the apple doesn’t fall far from a tree for nothing, so Carlos Sainz Jr. might be just as adept at drifting and as his father.

It appears Red Bull had the issue with the might bit, so the Austrian energy drink that is well known for its ties with motorsport put together the little contest between the two. Like other short films you can find on the Internet, and hey even bothered to create the story behind it.

The pair was enjoying the nice breakfast at their sunny home in Spain watching rally on TV, well, as any family does. The father looks to elevate small talk to medium talk by pointing at the nice jump performed by the rally vehicle and rhetorically asking not bad, right?

The junior is less than impressed, and he is quick to dismiss the skill involved, and which leads us to believe this wasn’t a first time the two had diverging opinions over which a driving style is more difficult – rallying or track racing. And this time, though, Carlos Sainz Sr. had had enough, so the gauntlet was thrown.

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