Who will reach 300 mph first – electric cars or ICE powered cars!?

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Jason Fenske will explain why no production car ...

Jason Fenske will explain why no production car ever hit 300 mph. Furthermore, he will tell us could an electric car be the first one to reach 300 mph?

Now, the biggest hurdle of reaching 300 mph with an ICE powered car is the fact that it needs a lot of cooling. This requires it to have wide opened intakes in order to cool all the moving parts thus dramatically reducing aerodynamic efficiency and increasing drag. On the other hand, electric cars do not have that much moving parts and cooling is required to a much lesser extent.

However, when talking about high speed runs, cooling for electric motors and batteries, in particular, became as big an issue as with the ICE powered cars. As it turns out, the Formula E cars definitely need some rather extreme cooling systems and strategies to keep the motor, the transmission, and the batteries at optimal temperatures.

Engineering Explained guy definitely gave us a unique insight into all this by talking and extensively explaining all of the prospects associated with the electric car, their top speed and cooling involved.

At the end, we can only say that it is the same challenge for the electric cars to reach 300 mph as is for the ICE powered machines.

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