Wow! This Tank Carries A Bridge Instead of Turrets

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Most of us will often visualize military tanks as vehicles made to fight through ...

Most of us will often visualize military tanks as vehicles made to fight through those long and huge turrets mounted on top of them but what we are about to see in this video is something really unusual! The heavy duty military tank is not armed with weapon but a bridge!

Not all tanks are loaded with turrets because sometimes they are armed with bridges! Yes! You heard that right and you might want to check this amazing M60 Armoured Vehicle-Launched Bridge or simply known as the M60 AVLB.

This tank is based on the M60 Patton main battle tank chassis used for the launching and retrieval of a 60 feet (18 m) scissors-type bridge and this video will allow us to see the tank in action. Here, we can see the tank deploying its scissors-type bridge.

This tank may not be handy in the actual battle but if there’s ever a ditch, blown-up bridge, or river to cross, this converted tank chassis literally springs into action with a folding metal bridge that helps a convoy cross the previously unattainable other side.

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